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The proxies listed below can help you to unblock so that you can surf anonymously from work, school, or home. Keep reading for more information about More info on how to unblock websites

How to Unblock Facebook

Facebook is a global sensation that just makes sense to many people. It’s clean, it’s simple and you can stay connected with hundreds of people through the most basic profile pages. For many users, Facebook has replaced traditional emailing or even texting, especially if you communicate only on a casual basis. Having access to Facebook can be critical for social reasons or for professional ones if you’ve been taking advantage of the ads on the social network.

Blocking Facebook
When you encounter a dead end trying to get to Facebook from work or the dorm, the network you’re using has thrown up a block between your IP address and the site in question. Unfortunately, this means you can’t access Facebook from your current computer simply by searching creatively or restarting the system. You need an alternative means of reaching the site, and this is exactly what a proxy delivers. A Facebook proxy gives you what amounts to a secret portal to access the site.

Facebook Proxy
To use a Facebook proxy, you’ll locate a proxy website, type in the desired URL into the allocated area of the proxy site and the proxy server, not your own, will download Facebook and allow you to access all features and sections without restriction. The proxy server also stores the pages in cache, or memory, to make it easier and faster to download them again the next time you want to visit the site.

The proxy servers are simple to find and use. In fact, some individuals choose to use proxy sites for all searches as the new IP address provided by the proxy hide your true location and protect you from unscrupulous advertising and identity theft. The faster downloads of sites you visit frequently through caching is an added incentive to return to the proxy sites for searching.

Public and Paid Facebook Proxies
There is a difference between paid and public proxies. While not different in terms of operations – for both you simply search inside the proxy server instead of your own, the paid proxies are not bogged down by advertisements and other users. The paid proxies are also much harder for your network to track or identify thanks to revolving IP addresses.

If you are accessing Facebook frequently from your work or school computer, using a paid proxy can give you unlimited access without concerns that the network will block not only Facebook, but the proxy website you’ve used to access it previously. However, if you’d rather use public proxies, our list is comprehensive and up-to-date to ensure you are always one step ahead.

Proxies to Unblock

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