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Satirical views on interesting, bizarre and amusing stories, submitted by a community of millions of news junkies, with regular Photoshop contests.

Interesting, bizarre and amusing news stories, along with regular photo manipulation contests.

Fark is a community website created by Drew Curtis that allows users to comment on a daily batch of news articles and other items from various websites. As of June 2009 the site boasts approximately four million unique visitors per month, which puts it among the top 100 English language websites. The site receives approximately 2,000 story submissions per day and about 50 of them are displayed on the site.

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nathanfhtagn: In case you've never seen Gene Kelly tapdance in freakin' rollerskates, here you go.
etopuzlu: Bu sabah kalktım ve saçlarımın Tarkan(viking kanı) gibi olduğunu fark ettim. Dünyanın en nefret edilen saç uzunluğu bu. Tarkan saçı.
rickie_d: bad: failed that final miserably. worse: the prof (my math advisor) recognized i'd been out most of term. fark: he wanted to see my id.
sinavkocu: YÖK'ün yeni formulü 0.15'e 0.13...500*0.15 v 500*0.13 gerçekten az bir fark...
naffa: fark without mosquito nets, these mossies would stock up on blood like the blood bank
How2GetRich: #Fark Not doing anything to help the sterotype, texas becomes hos to the largest US city without a single .. #News
amanda___c: Oh crap. Fell asleep. Didn't realize my phone was still on silent. Major work emergency. Fark today
tx_muso_08: Hey #AvatarMovie fARK IT'S OFF AIR NOW!! (Avatar Red Carpet live ›
Jeannythejoplin: @hazalfirat Mando Diao! Sonunda benden başka birinin daha dinlediğini fark ettim.Mesut oldum.İyi işlerin hakkını vermek lazım.
ceminaycem: Hesabımı yeni fark ettim acısını cikariyorum kusura bamya
haggaret: fark! cut and paste mistake!!!
BW2020: One of the main reasons I love Fark, a whole archive of stories of why Duke Sucks #dukesucks
lartist: @frandobagel I read :) That's where I found the article.
aytackara: @yesiltohum Test aşamasındaki özelliğin eksikliklerinin fark edildiği,bazı geliştirmelerden sonra tekrar kullanıma sunulabileceği belirtildi
crawfordcomeaux: iPhone controlled car! (via @fark)

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