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shankstersgirl: HAHAHA according to the technical term for the crossbar on the letter 't' is a "tittle" LOL
IanAMartin: RT @SMLois: Today's random Stage Management link: "The Hardworking Stage Manager Quiz" ...
SMLois: Today's random Stage Management link: "The Hardworking Stage Manager Quiz" #theatre
algernonradish: @caitlinmoran anyone can set up a 10 Q's a day quiz via this site. i do a daily general knowledge one there.
forexmajors: Think you know currencies...test your skills:
JohnFairhurst: I Scored 4 / 10 on Fun Trivia Quiz: Famous, Infamous, Unfamous and Scottish..Try it:
dturismo: Took "What Language is That?" trivia quiz and scored 4/10. Can you beat that??→
gerry1962: Took "Pick The Famous Person" trivia quiz and scored 14/25. Can you beat that??→
Anchoosi: you have to go there and see how much do you know about Cascada :
sajajo: Took "Loony Loopy Lupin" trivia quiz and scored 7/10. Can you beat that??→
JohnFairhurst: I Scored 9 / 15 on Fun Trivia Quiz: From Quark to Cosmos.Try it:
dervillaward: I Scored 20 / 20 on Fun Trivia Quiz: Kings of Judah.Try it:
dervillaward: I Scored 15 / 15 on Fun Trivia Quiz: Kings of Israel.Try it:
lacosteit: @shemushi @chocopie_ LOL @ you guys doing it actually helps though lol especially for hamlets i learned so many quotes

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