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About GameHouse

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Developers of java and shockwave games.

The first downloadable game developed by the company was Collapse, a game somewhat similar to Tetris. In 2003, company revenues topped $10 million ($5.5 million net). In 2004, GameHouse was acquired by RealNetworks for $14.6 million cash and about 3.3 million RNWK shares, then estimated at $21 million.

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gamehouse: @iDenece easier by far. Makes work very un-worky :)
gamehouse: @pat063058 actually that is exactly what I thought of! :)
ffshoppe: Today's FREE Game "Turtle Odyssey" - #Gamehouse
Flightwoman: <== Try this game out I did
Flightwoman: <== Try this game out I did. Robert Downy on Letterman watching
vyerramilli: The beta version of the #gamehouse #facebook app that I worked on went live today...check it out!
Mommykins41: Why can't I find the old *regular* Zuma anywhere? I miss that game...thought it was on gamehouse? No?
gamehouse: Happy Holidays from the team at GameHouse! Thank you for playing our games! [Noel]
gamehouse: Happy Holidays from thet team at GameHouse! Thank you for playing our games! [Noel]
gamehouse: Today is all about the green blocks. I used a few bombs from the store to build large green sections. Can you...
HappilyCheap: Today's FREE PC Game - Bricks of Egypt: Bricks of Egypt is FREE today only at Gamehouse.
pat063058: @GameHouse I'm telling my age here, but do you remember Knox Blox? They are like extra firm blocks of Jello. This game reminded of them
pat063058: @GameHouse I notice that you are doing repeats on the free games. Could you repeat on 10 days under the sea? I accidently deleted it. :)
ffshoppe: Today's FREE Game "Bricks of Egypt" - #Gamehouse
iDenece: @GameHouse i read an article about fun work places (such as google) do you find the environment easier to work in or more distracting? :-)

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