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About Hulu - Watch your favorites. Anytime. For free. is an online video service that offers hit TV shows including Family Guy and 30 Rock. Our extensive library also includes classic TV series and blockbuster movies. Start watching now. No registration or downloads required.

Hulu is a website offering ad-supported streaming video of TV shows and movies from NBC, Fox, ABC, and many other networks and studios. Hulu videos are currently offered only to users in the United States. In order to ensure that no international users outside the US have access to the videos, Hulu blocks many anonymous proxies, Amazon EC2 IP adresses and virtual private networks[citation needed]. Hulu provides video in Flash Video format, including many films and shows that are available in 288p, 360p, and 480p. Hulu also provides web syndication services for other websites including AOL, MSN, MySpace, Facebook, Yahoo!, and Comcast's

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For Free Proxies may have several drawbacks,such as 1.slow speed of proxy 2.some types of content such videos may be difficult to access 3.Not so Security... Tags

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jaycee4u: Up on HULU.....does anyone know where i can watch Criaglist killer online
usamasheriff: Hulu - The Age of Stupid - Watch the full feature film now.: Hulu - The Age of Stupid - Watch the full feature...
darrenjaworski: I love hulu's commercial about african unemployment and poverty. #Irony
astring1: I highly recommend Friday Night Lights to anyone, esp football fans. It just finished it's 5th and final season. Find on Netflix or hulu.
Sushia: New Favorite Show! Archer: Skorpio on @hulu:
m3ssiascom: Hulu wär jetzt irgendwie genial. Schade, dass man in Europa nur irgendeine idiotischen Reality-Sendung anschaun kann...
aRyTitikHitam: Berakit-rakit ke hulu berenang-renang ketepian dlu deh skrg.
Erika921: @zac352 HULU'S DUM. & Ur a cock block :P
reddit_tech: BitTorrent Has More Users Than Netflix and Hulu Combined... and Doubled
MitchNeff: @vincentammirato Really? That still works? I have Hulu/NetFlix/Xbox and an HDMI cable :-)@strandev
Lukemerren: Check out Saturday Night Live: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire on @hulu:
mikulaja: @strandev @VincentAmmirato True- I don't see utility in it beyond Hulu, Netflix, etc. I have a laptop, why do I want TV-internet? #UsGuys
tenacioustij: RT @hulu_interviews: In the first part of this interview, @JayZ visits the @CharlieRoseShow to chat about his life and new book, "Decoded."
jookie7705: Cock'd Gunns is the next Spinal Tap: @hulu
thebeaverstate: Going to try to cut off my Direct TV in the next few months, after the NBA season is over. Going to go all streaming/hulu/apple TV.

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