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About The Internet Movie Database

IMDb: The biggest, best, most award-winning movie site on the planet.

Features plot summaries, reviews, cast lists, and theatre schedules.

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is an online database of information related to movies, actors, television shows, production crew personnel, video games, and most recently, fictional characters featured in visual entertainment media. IMDb launched on October 17, 1990, and in 1998 was acquired by

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NMorrisseyfans: if anyone's interested this Neil's career starting with waterloo road 2007-09 :)
mediahottie: Top 5 Stars today: #Taylor Lautner, #Robert Pattinson, #Kristen Stuart, #Naomi Watts, and #Johnny Depp according to
IMDbTV: RT @imdb Ashton Kutcher brings The Beautiful Life online for upset fans #imdb
emilianogc: #Avatar tiene 8.4 en imdb y 95% en los top de rottentomatoes... ¿Hasta cuando tengo que esperar?
imdb: Ashton Kutcher brings The Beautiful Life online for upset fans #imdb
tayfan2: Soon to be #nowplaying "Avatar" *intense battle scenes may not be appr for small kids.
simultaneously: 《惡搞研習營》套電影2010有得睇!
geertbooster: Kijkt War, Inc.
WetOREO: @ObscureHorror
USAbreaking: showbiz: Hannah Turned Vegetarian For Baby Calf [IMDb] #showbiz
iPhonefreaks: #iphone Nine iPhone Apps for the Movie Maniac! - The recent release of the official IMDb iPhone application made us...
flickopia: imdb: Hannah Turned Vegetarian For Baby Calf: & !!!
flickopia: imdb: Kidman's Make-up Mishap: & !!!
movies_mashuped: IMDB: Cruz Laughs Off Sex Scenes #movies, #films
movies_mashuped: IMDB: Law's Regrets Over Name Change #movies, #films

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