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About Kodak Imaging Network, Inc.

Easily organize, edit and print your photos online. Now offering professional quality prints and range of personalized photo gifts.

Upload digital photos to create and share on-line photo albums. Film processing and print service also available.

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For Free Proxies may have several drawbacks,such as 1.slow speed of proxy 2.some types of content such videos may be difficult to access 3.Not so Security... Tags

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uaredumb: @MacfusionGirl does have the best prices then?
MacfusionGirl: Calendar and mouse pads DONE and purchased from
HeatherSeabrook: I can't believe it but #KodakGallery may be redeeming themselves thanks to superstar supervisor Andy!!!
HeatherSeabrook: about to start round 2 with #KodakGallery. They haven't shipped my photo books that went "missing" from my order on Nov. 28.
gdurzi: Everybody needs to quit making their own shopping cart / checkout experience and copy what amazon is doing. I'm looking at you KodakGallery
tiragesphotos: Les promos en cours de validités des 7 derniers jours.: Chez Kodakgallery : 150 Tirages pour 13 € avec le cod...
MacfusionGirl: @IraParma304 I am using iPhoto this time but and are also great. Mypublisher has a fast turn around.
mlwebco: - Great example of good design, UI, architecture, graphics, etc. ... very tight site all around.
MonasApple: for reals, yo. it even scares the fail whale. RT @karentravers When did #kodakgallery get so confusing and user unfriendly?
karentravers: When did #kodakgallery get so confusing and user unfriendly?
reno_kate: has until tomorrow to finish a photo book @ that I promised Mom & Grandma for Xmas. Why is this so freaking hard?
rebeccaph: Still feeling tortured by realization that I let 40%off KodakGallery coupon expire wo ordering our holiday photocards. #ifIcouldturnbacktime
BabbaCo: just finished my holiday cards using KodakGallery and picked them up at Target. love the convenience! :)
aloyot: @eproulx I had an HPprinter that did that. But after 2 years it broke. Now I print photos via kodakgallery. They come out better.

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