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The proxies listed below can help you to unblock so that you can surf anonymously from work, school, or home. Keep reading for more information about More info on how to unblock websites

How to Unblock MySpace

MySpace has become the poster child of filtration software. MySpace is often the first site blocked by companies and some educational systems thanks to its ability to distract employees from the task at hand. However, for many MySpace is simply a way to take a quick break or work if you use the networking aspects of MySpace for monetary reasons.

MySpace Proxy
To unblock MySpace, you need only navigate around the block. If MySpace is showing up as blocked, your network is simply stopping your computer’s IP address from accessing the site. To get around this small barrier, you need only find a new IP address. These new IP addresses are available through proxies, and are readily available online. A MySpace proxy will help you get through to MySpace by downloading the page through the proxy server rather than through your own network. Your network won’t be aware of the proxy, and you’ll be able to navigate the web without any monitoring or blocks.

Finding a MySpace Proxy
Your luck with proxies will depend primarily on how sophisticated your current network has become. Most network administrators are aware of proxies on some level and will block the most common ones and others that become known to them. Others are aware of the proxies and either don’t care or don’t want to take the time to battle each one that is developed. Still others are oblivious to how many employees or students circumvent the filters every day.

For you, this means you’ll need not only the most obvious website proxies, but perhaps some that are not as well known. This ensures you have at least one proxy that your school or company hasn’t heard of and hasn’t yet blocked. Our list details a wide range of free proxies you can use to access MySpace from any computer.

Another option for a MySpace proxy is to take advantage of a paid proxy. If your dorm has MySpace blocked and you plan on being on the site frequently, spending $5 a month on a proxy server and revolving IP addresses that can’t be easily found or blocked is worthwhile. If you simply need to respond to a birthday invitation over MySpace one day during lunch, a free proxy is simpler. A side benefit from a paid proxy server is that the sites you’ve downloaded are cached in memory. It helps the proxy to load the pages much more quickly than a public proxy or even your traditional network.

Proxies to Unblock

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