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About Xanga

Xanga is a community where you can start your own free weblog, share photos and videos, and meet new friends too!

Personal publishing. Free weblogs.

Xanga's origins can be traced back to 1999, when it began as a site for sharing book and music reviews. It now has an estimated 40 million users worldwide. As of December 20, 2009, Alexa Internet ranked Xanga as the 804th most visited site on the Internet.

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jayelleseah: i mean... their blog name. for example,, LOL! ACTTTTT CUTEEEE
hypnotictweet: Mobile Marketing in 2010: Part 1 | Gentemann on Xanga -
esch99: Finished work early, so dropped by my old Xanga. No new entry since 10/08, but still have my subscribers and the occasional comment in '09.
YOKA: Tu si sabes ;) fotos muy finas en ese blog RT @tatynka: @yOka estos anillos se parecen a tí http://planecrashpret
jkmcmillan: RT @HeyJHASS: I still don't knwo what XANGA is will somebody please tell me<<<fool they said it was a blogging site! Go google it!
HeyJHASS: I still don't knwo what XANGA is will somebody please tell me
dyingsublime: Xanga is the cyberspace ghost town. No one even bothered to take down their blogs. In 2006 everyone just . . . disappeared at the same time.
SheLuvsGod: miracle caught on camera from last sunday
headstrongchica: @ManofCivility read ur latest xanga entry-good stuff curious to hear abt how the meeting went...
kerrriex: @monicadizzle hey it's kerrie from themorningfrost on xanga. :]
princessMic: blogged
princessMic: blogged
joshrowand: Enjoying the xanga revolution.
ZahrahIsmail: Still indecisive.. Hate being fickklee

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