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The proxies listed below can help you to unblock so that you can surf anonymously from work, school, or home. Keep reading for more information about More info on how to unblock websites

How to Unblock YouTube

YouTube is one of the most commonly blocked websites in companies and in education systems, where the site can actually be helpful in countless ways. But outside of the educational possibilities for the site, YouTube is one of the most commonly sought sources of entertainment online. Getting to YouTube when it’s been blocked can be frustrating, however.

Blocking YouTube
When you encounter the cryptic message stating the site is blocked, your network administrator has simply put a barrier between your computer’s IP address and the site in question. For you to reach YouTube from work or school, you’ll need an entirely new IP address – something your current network cannot provide.

YouTube Proxies
Getting to YouTube from your computer will require bypassing the block. To do this, you’ll need the help of a YouTube proxy. The YouTube proxy site allows you to search anonymously. To do this, you simply type your URL into the site’s search feature, and the proxy site then downloads YouTube through its servers. You are able to search and view material on the site through the proxy’s servers – not your own. There is no record of you using YouTube at your office or school.

Using Proxies for YouTube
You have a wide range of choices for proxies to be used when you’re faced with a blocked site. A YouTube proxy will unlock any website through its server, making the proxy a welcome companion in searches and free time at the office. Proxies are not reserved for the workplace, however.

While public proxies are useful for accessing blocked sites such as YouTube occasionally, there is the added benefit of searching anonymously. Many individuals use proxies to search and surf the internet constantly because their actions are cloaked behind the proxy server. This protects them from the many sites that read information from their own IP addresses to use in identity theft and outrageous marketing attempts.

If you plan to use YouTube or any other normally blocked website frequently through proxies, it might be worthwhile to consider a paid proxy rather than a public one. The paid proxy has a significantly reduced risk of being blocked by a savvy network administrator and will also allow you to search faster by storing your frequently accessed pages in memory for faster retrieval.

Proxies to Unblock

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